I got 99 problems but gluten ain’t one…Wait, actually it is. I have coeliac disease, pronounced see-liac. I love doing that!

My gluten free intolerance isn’t a hipster fad. I have to avoid gluten out of necessity. Coeliac disease is a life long auto immune condition. Simply put, if I was superman, gluten would be my kryptonite.

I was diagnosed in 2008. I spent several years going back and forth to my Doctor’s surgery, with a highly efficient bowel, weight loss (wait, the devil in you is thinking and she was complaining – why?) and iron deficiency anaemia.

The first Doctor I saw told me I needed ‘hypnotherapy for my IBS’. Like the problem was in my head and I was imagining the numerous visits to the bathroom. Seriously?!

Multiple blackouts later, resulting in; a broken nose, being taken away in an ambulance, and looking like a Michael Jackson doppelganger (Love you MJ), I was diagnosed with; ‘severely damaged villi – highly suggestive of coeliac disease’.

Fast forward 10 years, and gluten free awareness has improved, tremendously. The food has come on leaps and bounds. Bread no longer tastes like cardboard, it’s edible. Now, many restaurants have a separate gluten free menu. My fellow coeliac brethren will vouch for me when I say, this is the most awesome thing… ever. There is still work to be done, but definitely an improvement.

In our family, my son is also gluten intolerant, so I cook lots of nutritious goodies. I will post delicious and easy to make gf recipes soon, watch this space.

Pistachio and Almond Rasmalai in the making
Gluten free, homemade, thin crust, classic Margherita with a twist
Homemade, healthy Chicken Chapli Kebabs with Chargrilled Peppers

Random… I just had a memory of the first Victoria sponge cake my sister; Sam made me. It still makes my mouth water, a perfect combination of sweetness and sharpness entwined. Lush.

You can find out more information on coeliac disease at; Coeliac UK

Quirky-nators, If you have any suggestions for gf recipes/ eating places, please post them below.

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