I know what you’re thinking; is this a ‘Biff,Chip and Kipper’ story?

I’m afraid there is no way to sugarcoat this experience, I have become my Mum. Let me just give you the briefest outline of the morning, emotions tend to run high, I often find myself in a state of anguish and panic. I feel harassed and tired. I love my children, but surely the school run is a violation of my human rights?

This post is inspired by the events proceeding this morning. My Son wouldn’t get out of bed and my little girl clung to my leg sobbing. As if this wasn’t enough, we were late! I just about managed to brush my teeth and wash sleep out of my eyes. My hair was hay, nestled on top of my head. To put it simply I was not looking my best!

At the playground I was greeted with a sea of friendly faces and pleasant “Hi, how are you?”. The raging beast inside of me wanted to scream, “just merry…everything is fruity… tip top!” (insert Bollywood song, followed by a long, sad theme tune). Instead, I politely smiled and responded enthusiastically “Oh hello, I’m great, you?”.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there it was, the sweetest dulcet tones of the school bell ringing. Then, breaking into a smile, I thought, one down, one to go. Result!

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