Take your mind out of the gutter. Seriously, come on now. This is not a biology lesson.

My sister’s labour date is fast approaching. As a family we are so excited for this new, little bundle of joy to enter our lives. We feel so blessed.

It has got me reminiscing at my own pregnancies . The way I carried both of my children was so different. My body went through lots of physical and emotional changes .

My first pregnancy; carrying my son was a revelation. He was a surprise baby (a wonderful gift). At the age of 25 and not long married, my husband and I hadn’t a clue on pregnancy and babies. Emotionally, I was overwhelmed and often found myself in a state of denial. My advice to all would be to do lots of reading. Speak to your ‘bump’ regularly and take the recommended prenatal vitamins! I craved lamb and sweet things (oh how I miss the way things tasted when I was pregnant), I frequently forgot about the bump, as I didn’t really show until my third trimester. Being the tenacious and determined boy that he is, he made an early appearance too.


My second pregnancy with my beautiful daughter was a planned one. I was 28 years old at the time. I had taken all the recommended vitamins available. But carrying my daughter was so difficult. I was sick, nauseous, anxious and suffered from pelvic girdle pain (and what a pain in the arse and beyond). I gained 4 stones; not sure how, but I was pregnant in every part of my body, even my toes were blooming (huge).


Pregnancy is such a unique and individual experience for all involved. When I look at my two little best friends, I know it was all worth it . I feel so much love right now, my heart is overpowered with that warm, mushy feeling. My husband has told me to take some Gaviscon (antacid) in case it’s indigestion that I am experiencing. Men!

For more information on pelvic girdle pain, please click on the link below;

Pelvic Girdle Pain

I would love to hear all about your pregnancies. Do have have any advice for pregnant people out there? Please comment below.

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  1. Great tips. My wife had SPD now known as PGP. It is so debilitating. Thank you for sharing your experience and info.

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