In December my family and I visited Morocco for a fortnight. As a single 20 year old, I had travelled to Morocco a decade earlier. Although it was a fun trip, I don’t recall discovering its true beauty or becoming one with its culture. This time was different. I made an itinerary of experiences and excursions we could enjoy as a family. My husband and I are unconventional travellers. We don’t ‘do’ tour buses and guides and like to discover things for ourselves. So off we went on our journey with our two monster munchkins, excited about the adventures that lay ahead of us.

Below, I have highlighted my favourite parts our trip. These capture the true beauty and essence of Morocco.

Dress Like The Locals Day

This was a memorable experience for us, by dressing in Moroccan attire we were able to blend in and walk among the locals, as though we are part of their culture. There was also the added bonus of not being harassed in the bazaars!


High Atlas

North Africa’s greatest mountain range. Simply breathtaking. I have no words to describe its beauty. They say a picture paints a thousand words, here are a few I took on my phone. Imagine if these were taken with a high quality camera by a professional photographer?




Ouzoud Falls

Located in the moyen Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt, in the province of Azila. img-20180205-wa0009720058612.jpg

It took a 3 hour long drive (each way) . On arrival, we took a 2 hour trek in pursuit of the waterfalls. We were awestruck by the breathtaking beauty that surrounded us. This was nature at its very best . They were scenic from every angle. When we reached the bottom of the falls, we took a gondola ride to fully immerse ourselves into our beautiful surroundings.

On the trek back up, we visited the ‘cheeky monkeys’. My children felt at home!



Gondola Ride, Ouzoud Falls


Quad biking 

The last time I rode a quad bike, it toppled on top of me (10 years ago in Morocco would you believe?). You see it was entirely my fault. Being a 20 year old adrenaline junkie, I was reckless and silly. This time I had the perfect excuse to pass on this experience;  my little girl. Instead we took great pleasure in watching Daddy and little Mr Man take part instead. My son is an adrenaline junkie (like me!!) and this was the highlight of his trip.

Camel riding

I don’t enjoy camel rides, not really. You see they are flatulent, drool a lot and after an hour, sitting on the hump is somewhat uncomfortable. Confused?… hear me out. As we meandered through the Palm grove of Marrakech on a camel, we were able to explore the traditional villages, by being among the locals and the surrounding country side I felt at one with nature. This is why this is a highlight.

How sweet is this? My son’s camel was called Madonna and when we finished he came up to us and said ‘I miss Madonna, can she come home with us? Boy, customs might have a problem with that!

Jet Atlas Water Park


Here, we indulged in Jet-skiing. I know you’re thinking- but you couldn’t swim? Relax. They had life jackets and I am still here to tell the story.



A holiday isn’t amazing without great food and Morocco did not fail to impress. With a number of restaurants and cafes offering various gluten free options, we devoured chicken and lamb tagines, flavoured with exotic and subtle spices. I drank my body weight in mint tea, sweetened with a little local honey. Divine. The perfect inspiration for future recipes.

The Villain   

Whilst driving in Morocco, we were  stopped by the police on four different occasions,  with false ‘injunctions’. We were asked to pay a fine (this differed in amount, depending on the police officer) without a ticket/receipt.  After the first time, we found creative ways to ‘dodge’ the fine. They say you learn from your mistakes and we did. We paid once and then refused to pay again! 

Have you visited Morocco? What were you favourite parts? Have you got any funny stories? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. We’ve been to Morocco, our favourite part was the High Atlas Mountain trek. What a great post, diary of your time there. Thanks for sharing it. On our to do list for next time 🙂

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