For my 30th we decided to go to Miami. When we told our family and friends, they asked us if we were taking our children, of course we were! I can understand why, see Miami is known for its incessant nightlife, and with two children it would be impossible to hit the party scene. With Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ (song) playing in the background, I began to question whether it was the right decision, or was good old Will to be listened to… “Everyday like mardi gras, everybody party all day. “

Miami is also known for being a culture capital with lots of Latin influences and for its vibrant Art Deco .

We stayed in South Beach and let me tell you, there were plenty of things that we enjoyed as a family. I consider this one of my favourite holidays.


One of the largest national parks in the US.

The airboat ride was so much fun. It got pretty windy out there, which was a welcome relief after spending most of the morning in the humid heat. All of our senses were stimulated; it was noisy, speedy and wet. The added bonus, we saw a couple of alligators too!

Airboat tour…If you see the Alligators don’t forget to scream!!

Jungle Island

My children loved this place! This is a zoo experience, where we were able to interact with some of the rarest animals in the world. The parrots were allowed to fly freely through the park- pretty cool right ? We then attended ‘The Amazing Birds’ show, aimed at children and families. There were alot of local school children on a trip, this added to the experience. It is a zoo after all!


The Amazing Birds Show

Key West

We woke up early in the morning to set off. It took us 4 hours to drive there (each way) . We took lots of breaks and pictures of the several Keys as we passed them. One of the most scenic drives with ocean views throughout.

Key West also known as the Southernmost point is 90 miles from Cuba. On arrival, we had to queue for a picture, which wasn’t ideal with children, but it did move pretty fast. We enjoyed ice cones and took time to absorb our gorgeous surroundings.

20180204_183734 Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

As featured in; ‘True Lies’, ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’, ‘Mission Impossible 3’ and ‘License to Kill’. I took this picture from the passenger seat of a Nissan Pathfinder.I felt like a true Hollywood star.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Being serial beach hoppers, although we were staying in South Beach, we preferred to drive out to this one. It was less crowded, stunning and we were guaranteed a spot there everytime. It had the whitest sand and deep ocean blue sea. Bliss!


Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is a lagoon . It features the largest sea port in Miami. We visited the beach and often ate lunch there, whilst admiring the amazing views.We loved visiting the little local parks too.

img-20180211-wa0009857552495.jpg          Local park in Biscayne Bay

4th of July celebrations

Independence Day in Miami was like being invited to a huge birthday party! There was lots of food, drinks and children’s activities on offer. We ended the day perfectly by watching a live vibrant firework display. Amazing!

4th of July Celebrations


The advantage of living in South Beach was that we were within a short distance of Ocean Drive. This is arguably the most famous street in Miami, if not the world. We ate at lots of different restaurants here and all over Miami. The restaurants and cafes we visited were charming, with lots of character and excellent service. Our diet consisted mainly of seafood. When I think back to all the shrimps, scallops and sea bass that we consumed, the mere thought makes me salivate.

It wouldn’t be a memorable holiday if we didn’t get stopped by the PO-LICE. Miami did not disappoint…

The officer gave us a caution for speeding (they use km’s instead of miles), but he was friendly enough to take a picture with my Husband.

Quirky -nators, what’s your favourite holiday destination? Do you have any recommendations? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Loving this post. We have just booked to go in July. Lots of fun tips on where to go with the kiddies 🙂

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