I love perfume, certain smells evoke happy memories for me. Whilst I’m not a ‘perfumista’, I don’t think there is anything sexier and more confident than someone who smells good enough to eat. Currently I have 5 favourite fragrances that I use regularly, and the rest depending on my mood and the occasion.

Perfume is such a personal thing, scent can give away elements of your mood and personality. I often love smells on others but mixed with my own pheromones they seems to smell differently and less pleasant on me. For instance; Chanel Coco Mademoiselle smells amazing on my sister, but on me, it reminds me of floral urine (you know that smell you get from old peoples homes, strong urine masked with floral air freshener). Yuck.

Below I have highlighted my current five favourite fragrances;

Jo Malone

I love love love Jo Malone scents. All Jo Malone colognes are unisex, although I have a difficult time convincing my Pops and Husband. Here are my four favourite colognes from Jo Malone;

  1. English Pear & Freesia Cologne. This was my first purchase from Jo Malone and is my all time favourite scent. I wore it on my wedding day, it is sweet (but not sickly), fresh and slightly spicy smelling, it reminds me of autumn but in a pleasant way. I always have this on hand, it is my go to cologne. Love the candles too. When I smell this I get scent nostalgia; happy memories, beautiful smell.
  2. Peony Blush Suede Cologne. This is a more recent purchase from Jo Malone. I was instantly drawn to this smell, it gives a fresh, light, fruity and slightly sweet scent. I love this smell so much, I sometimes mix it with English Pear & Freesia cologne for that extra va va voom why? because I can.
  3. Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne. I don’t usually like people buying fragrance for me, because I take my time with finding the right scent, I try it on first and after a few hours I like to see how it settles on my skin throughout the day. That being said, ‘He’ bought this cologne for me, a few years ago, for Mothers day and I fell in love with it. Here’s why? It’s feminine, whilst the oud gives it a smoky, woody, slight masculine undertone. I wear this when I need the ‘boss lady’ in me to come out.
  4. Oud & Bergamot Cologne. This is recent purchase, I was attracted to its smell. It is fresh due to its citrusy zesty undertone, whilst smoky and woody at the same time. It has that mysterious yet strong feel about it. This is the fragrance I am wearing today. Guess my mood? Badass.

Here’s my fifth favourite perfume. I adore this fragrance for date nights, when visiting somewhere cultural or when on holiday.


Versace Oud Oriental Eau de Parfum. This was an airport purchase en route to Miami. This scent is so unbelievably sexy and feminine, strong yet seductive. This is a bold fragrance, exuding confidence. Gorgeous in every sense of the word. When I wear this I feel like Cleopatra, ready to take on the world.

Do you have a favourite perfume, scent or cologne that you wear regularly?

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