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Today is day two of the three day quote challenge…exciting!

I am going to share one of my current favourite quotes and one which has inspired me to change. It is by the US based poet and author; Nayyirah Waheed.


might make them angry.


it will make you free.

-if no one has ever told you, your freedom is more important than their anger

Possibly one of the most relevant quotes of today, reinforcing that as human beings we have the right and choice to say “No”, without being emotionally manipulated and made to feel guilty about it. It is important to remember that you do not owe anyone an explanation, rationale or apology for saying “No”.

Growing up I have always struggled with saying “No”, often about worrying what the person on the receiving end would feel like and what they would think of me? If I ever did find it in me to say “No”, this would almost immediately be followed with a heartfelt apology and a lengthy explanation justifying my actions. Ironic isn’t it? I should have been worrying about me and my feelings. By saying “Yes” to things that I didn’t want to do, I was putting additional stress on myself. Ultimately my happiness, health and sanity should have been prioritised above everything else.

This year I’ve made a conscious decision to say “No” alot more, and the more I say it, the more liberated I feel. If I offend anyone by exerting my basic human right, that is their choice. If they cannot consider my feelings, then I remind myself that my self worth is not attached to anyone’s approval.

Go ahead say “No!” to three things that you genuinely want to say “No” too, but feel guilty about doing so. I guarantee you will feel lighter; like a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders. By saying “No” frequently doesn’t make you a selfish person, it makes you more self aware; someone who knows exactly what they need and want from life. Remember freedom of choice is real, and a firm “No” is much more liberating than a half hearted “Yes”!

I often wonder why some people, myself included struggle with saying “No”? Could it be because of the way we have been brought up, or experiences that have shaped our personality? Would love to read your opinions in the comments section below.

With love,

Kay x

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4 replies on “Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Two

  1. Yeah! It happens with me as well. At times it becomes difficult to say ‘No’ because I do not want to make anybody unhappy. And in that process sometimes I feel like getting exploited and taken undue advantage of. But I cannot keep pleasing everyone at the cost of my happiness so it’s about time I learnt to say ‘No’. 😊😇

    1. What a lovely comment, we need to put ourselves and our happiness first. If we spend all our lives worrying about what other people will think of us, that’s a life wasted 🙂

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