I am on an unending pursuit of finding the perfect foundation for my skin. I have tried many foundations (including the Estee Lauder makeup range) and been unsuccessful in finding ‘the one’. For this reason, I often forego foundation altogether, or use a tinted moisturiser.

I’m not fussy, I just know what I want. Makeup, in my belief can be a fun way to express yourself. I like my makeup to be simple, dewy and fresh looking, rather than matte, thick and ‘cakey’. I want foundation that looks like my skin, but then again better. I don’t want to feel like I am wearing a lot of makeup. It’s also tough to find a foundation for Asian skin with yellow undertones. Some foundations can make you look ashy due to their pink hue, oxidise to an orange colour, or it can be so yellow based that you can look slightly jaundice.

What makes a foundation great in my opinion?

  • First and foremost a decent SPF is a must. It doesn’t matter how good it looks or how great the formula is, if it doesn’t have SPF I won’t use it.
  • I strongly dislike matte foundations on my skin. I have a dry skin type and I find that these do nothing for me. They either cling to dry skin patches, or make my skin look flat whilst taking away all dimension from my face. I’m a huge fan of dewy, skin that looks fresh and radiant. I feel that your own skin should be visible through foundation, rather being ‘caked’ in a thick mask, a decent foundation should lightly veil the skin.
  • Finally, a great foundation is one that lasts! When it comes to makeup, once it is on I like to forget about it, I don’t touch up makeup and with a great base I don’t feel you should need to.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation SPF 30

When I received this through the post on Tuesday, I must confess my expectations were low. I had also done my research and with Google yielding mixed reviews, I wasn’t feeling very positive. I have previously tried, hated and abandoned the original Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, ‘The U. K’s Number 1 foundation’…my foot! It was terrible. I then trialled the Estee Lauder Glow foundation, which has since been discontinued and for good reason, unless looking grey constitutes as luminosity? It was awful. I decided that as amazing as their lipsticks are, their foundations just aren’t for me.

On Tuesday along with the foundation, I also received an Estee Lauder foundation pump (this is to be purchased separately). The annoying thing about Estee Lauder foundations and I will never understand why the bottle does not have a pump? Complete design flaw!

As I digress, after moisturising my face, shaking the bottle well and adding the pump, a single pump of the Estee Lauder Nude Fresh Foundation and I was amazed at the liquid formula, completely different to its predecessor. I used a ‘real techniques’ stippling brush to apply the foundation, as I felt that a beauty blender would soak up all the fluid. It applied smoothly, and I was astonished at the coverage that this provided (I used a single pump!). I would say that it gives a medium – build-able coverage. I was matched to 2W2 Rattan and I loved the colour on me, though I was a tad bit apprehensive, given past experiences these ‘bad boys’ often oxidise after an hour of wear.

After checking the foundation in several different lights and to my amazement it was everything I wanted; warm enough to cancel my yellow undertones, but without making me look jaundice or orange and it matched my skin tone closely. My face looked radiant, luminous and young! Nice one.

I wanted to see how long this foundation lasted and whether claims of it being a 24-hour wear foundation are accurate. Thinking about it, I can’t remember a single occasion where I have worn makeup for longer than 12 hours (maximum), who wears foundation for 24 hours? Anyhow, I have read numerous reviews saying that this foundation doesn’t last long. I would say on me, bearing in mind I have a dry skin type, it lasted 6 hours before it began to break around my nose. If that is its only flaw, I’m okay with that, although I understand why many aren’t and won’t be. It does state on the Estee Lauder website that it is suitable for all skin types, but in my opinion, I think with oily and combination skin it won’t last 6 hours, and may break down much sooner.

Everything is always a little better with pictures and here are some before and after pictures. My face without any makeup/foundation on and a comparison picture below with the Estee Lauder Nude Water Fresh foundation (wow, that’s a mouthful!) as my base.

Before picture; moisturised face and no make up on


After applying Estee lauder Nude Fresh Foundation as my makeup base

Pros and Cons for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation


  • The formula has a watery consistency and is easy to apply
  • Excellent Broad-spectrum SPF 30
  • Dewy looking formula
  • Medium buildable coverage
  • Wide selection of shades available to match various skin tones
  • Does not oxidise


  • Foundation pump needs to be purchased separately and once added the lid does not fit snugly. It needs to be kept upright, or you need to remove the pump (wasted product) and add the lid if you want to put the foundation in your make up bag. Hassle.
  • It is not a 24-hour foundation as it claims on the website, it lasted 6 hours on my skin and I have a dry skin type.
  • Although the website states that it is suitable for all skin types, I must disagree. This is not the foundation you want to wear if you have oily or combination skin.
  • It isn’t cheap, at a retail price of £33.50 for 30 mls it is much pricier than high street foundation brands.

Overall, I am chuffed with the Estee Lauder Nude Water Fresh foundation, it meets most of my criteria for ‘the perfect foundation’. I took my time before I wrote this review as I wanted to wear it for a few days before making my final decision.

I would give this foundation a solid 3.5 out of 5. Kudos Estee Lauder, well done!

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5 replies on “Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation SPF 30 Product Review

  1. Hi . I must say this foundation is good than many out there like mac and stuff . But i can tell you as i have tried all foundations out there that a bb cream from home bargains does exactly the same job. And it is only £2.49.

    1. Great comment. I am glad you have had success with cheaper alternatives. Unfortunately, I have struggled to find the right shade in foundations, I don’t like many because of oxidising and the consistency. I love this colour on me and my skin type, but I agree it is not for everyone and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin types and combination skin. I have used it for 3 days so far and really like it x

      1. Yes exactly . Its good to try diff foundarions to see what suits your skin. And yes it is one of the good ones.

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