Hello You!

You’re 15 years old, sat in science, staring at that Bic fine pen and wondering at what point would it be acceptable to stab that idiot (boy) in the eye, the one who keeps flicking rubber at you. Don’t. Ignore him, he probably fancies you, but doesn’t know how to tell you.

I know you are feeling downbeat, after being dealt a hard-hitting lecture by Mum, last night, post parents evening. The maths teacher told her; you lacked the focus and determination to succeed. He is wrong. You ace your GCSES, A Levels and Degree. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Here’s some advice for the future:

Don’t buy those ‘penny trays’ (soft sweets) . Just because you read that they have 0% fat, does not make them healthy. Step away, they are full of sugar, and sugar= root canals= near death experience (slight exaggeration, but it is anything but pleasant, trust me).

You are a people pleaser, learn to say no. There is nothing wrong with putting your needs first. Be conscientious and aware of others feelings. Help others when possible, but not to the detriment of your own happiness.

Prepare yourself for a challenging journey ahead. Life will throw you some curveballs, you will experience sadness and loss. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Stop caring so much about what other people think of you and start enjoying your own life. Be free.

You will meet some amazing people, not all will stick around, but you will learn some valuable lessons off all of them. Everyone you meet is a teacher, don’t get too attached to anyone. You are your own superhero, you will be your own role model; stronger, wiser and more resilient than you had ever imagined.

I know you think you will never get married, it isn’t for you. But you do, to your best friend! You haven’t met him yet, but when you do, don’t make him try so hard. Don’t question his motives, he is real and he is a keeper. You will laugh, have banter, get annoyed at each other, argue and laugh some more.

You become a Mummy too, to two rascals; a boy and a girl. You will love them so much and so hard. They will make you smile wholeheartedly, cry with laughter and keep you on your toes, all of the time.

That beauty spot (mole) on your face that you hate so much, is you, accept it. You are not Kay without it. Like a chocolate chip cookie, It belongs on your face.

Take risks; sometimes they will pay off, sometimes they won’t. Be adventurous. If you fail, pick yourself up and try again.

I love you and thank you for being the best teacher. I hope you believe in yourself earlier than I ever did.

Kay xxx


Posted by:Quirky Kay

A zany lady with a zest for life. A UK based Mummy of two munchkins, caffeine addict, food loving (sans gluten) globetrotter.

14 replies on “Letter to 15 year old me

  1. What a great idea for a post! I love it, This would be a fantastic challenge – you realise how lucky you are when you tell yourself how much you’ll achieve by the time you get to where we are now!
    Loved it !!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it . It sure helped me to put things into perspective. I was, like other teenage girls too harsh on myself. When you are older you realise what is important. Can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.

  2. Note to self (15): move away …. from the luminous bands and red mirror shades; …that fashion lasts only as long as the publication you saw it in to look cool and get chicks! #1week #shoot footie mag #villaplayerfashion

    Fun read Kay 😃🕺

    1. Lol. This made me chuckle. I’ve had a few fashion faux pas myself. Why I never thought to use a hair straightener before the age of 18 will always puzzle me . I gave volume a new definition.

      Glad you enjoyed it Chris. Can always count on you to make me laugh ! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I agree with you, when you are younger the smallest problems feel like mountains 🙂

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