Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Three

‘Keep your face towards the sunshine and all the shadows will fall behind you.’

-Walt Whitman

The reason I picked this quote was because optimism is integral to personal growth. My interpretation of ‘Keep your face towards the sunshine’ is that you should look towards a bright future, focus on the positive things and keep moving forward. Your former worries, uncertainties about the future, pessimism and any negativity that is weighing you down, deserves to ‘fall behind you’ just like ‘shadows’ and the past.

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Two

Possibly one of the most relevant quotes of today, reinforcing that as human beings we have the right and choice to say “No”, without being emotionally manipulated and made to feel guilty. It is important to remember that you do not owe anyone an explanation, rationale or apology for saying “No”. Growing up I have always struggled with saying “No”, often worrying what the person on the receiving end would feel like, what they would think of me? Ironic isn’t it? I should be worrying about what I think of me and how I am feeling? By saying “Yes” to things I do not want to, why am I putting additional stress on myself?

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day One

Today I have chosen a quote from Rumi, a very famous, 13th century, Persian poet. They say he is the master of metaphors and it is easy to see why. Through this quote Rumi offers two different ways of approaching the same situation, with each yielding different outcomes.

This quote means so many things to me and I hope it has the same effect on you too.

When angry it is not uncommon to be reactive and raise your voice, whether or not you feel your opinion is correct, great points become masked by actions. The reference to ‘thunder’ in my opinion is your reaction; impulsive, (negatively) impactful and forceful in nature.

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