Food- Friend or Foe?

As you all know I absolutely love food, I live to eat rather than eat to live. But food and I have been been making and breaking up since I remember . I used to joke about having bulimia with amnesia. I would binge hard and forget to purge. I know eaten disorders are no joking matter, but neither is compulsive eating. I often wonder whether my need for finishing what was on my plate stemmed from childhood. You know when your Mother insists you finish what is on your plate, because in third world countries there are children dying. Now, at 30 years old I can go from being super hungry to super full. I never get that satiated feeling that people often talk about.

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If thou art having problems with gluten, I pity thee…

I got 99 problems but gluten ain’t one…Wait actually it is. I have coeliac disease., pronounced see-liac. I love doing that!
My gluten free intolerance is not part of a hipster fad. I have to avoid gluten out of necessity. Coeliac disease is a life long auto immune condition. To put it in simple terms if I was superman, gluten would be my kryptonite.

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