Letter to 15 year old me

Hello You! You’re 15 years old, sat in science, staring at that Bic fine pen and wondering at what point would it be acceptable to stab that idiot (boy) in the eye, the one who keeps flicking rubber at you. Don’t. Ignore him, he probably fancies you, but doesn’t know how to tell you. I…

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If thou art having problems with gluten, I pity thee…

I got 99 problems but gluten ain’t one…Wait actually it is. I have coeliac disease., pronounced see-liac. I love doing that!
My gluten free intolerance is not part of a hipster fad. I have to avoid gluten out of necessity. Coeliac disease is a life long auto immune condition. To put it in simple terms if I was superman, gluten would be my kryptonite.

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